Your emotional check-in application

We think it’s fun to color the world with your emotions.
Wherever you are and however you feel – you can share your precious life moments with others.
Our idea is to connect your feelings to a place and time where and when they happen.
You can always go back in memories to those places and feelings to see how others felt in the same locations.

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Follow your friends and neighbours

Surf through emotions of your friends – comment on their posts.

Find interesting check-ins of other people in Hepic community and see what they are up to.

Make new friends.

Check-in regularly and become the Feeler of the place

Share your feelings about places or people by choosing one of our funny emotions.

Write more about what touches your heart.

Discover and add new locations (cells), earn more points and become the Feeler of the place.

Check-out the neighborhood

See statistics of the main emotions in the area.

Filter posts by emotions.

Leave your comment or review – your friends will be happy to get your feedback and support.

Hepic App Download